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PHP Crontab Timeline Generator

First, the goods:  (Source available for download from that page.)

This little app parses your crontab and generates a gantt chart of the task time line.  It uses the twzCronChart class.  I basically took their example and modified it to:

  • Accept input via an html textarea.
  • Parse out the comments and blank lines.
  • Show a corresponding list of which cron line corresponds to which “Task”.

I’ll update this post if I make more changes.



Switched back to WordPress.  Isn’t it exciting?


The links in my old posts don’t work yet, but I’ll get them fixed.  Tomorrow.  Probably.


Bash Dynamic DNS Updater (ZoneEdit)

This is a quick BASH script I whipped up to update my domains dynamic DNS records at ZoneEdit. It’s meant to be ran from cron. See the script here.


Movie Collection Script

Over the past few months, one of my “As time allows” projects has been a movie collection cataloguing script. Basically it reads through your collection of digitally stored movies, catalogues them in mySQL, and gives you a PHP interface to your collection. It’s not fancy, it’s not pretty, and it almost certainly doesn’t adhere to any good coding practices.

Movie Collection

I will try to keep this updated as I “improve” the script and pages. Also, if by some twist of fate, you’re a skilled bash scripter with some free time, I’m open to suggestions on how this can be improved.


Portable Apps

Now that’s it’s “cool” to keep all your apps on your thumb drive, I thought I’d spit out a list of good resources.

Portable Apps has some major applications rewritten for portability. Notably Portable Firefox, Thunderbird (+ gpg and enigma), and OpenOffice.

Portable Freeware has tons of little apps to meet just about any need.
KeePass is a powerful, yet simple password manager that stores your password in a database encrypted with FIPS-compliant encryption.
TrueCrypt allows you to keep all your sensitive documents without having to worry about someone getting acces to them if they swipe your drive.


DVI Recover

After almost 3 years, it appears that Dell, among others, has still not fixed the EDID corruption issue on DVI LCD monitors. I’m still seeing 100+ hits a day on the DVI recovery utility page. If you ended up here in search of the utility, I hope it works for you.

If you are a Dell employee/tech and you know a better way to fix the issue, or there’s a new utility, please let me know.


Back, but still useless

Finally got my site back online. But I don’t have any content. So, there you go.